73 GT 750

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I will give a running blabberfest on the progress of the restoration process. Take a look at the photos to see my piece of junk new beauty.

A new GT restoration is in progress: Eds750GT

Image 1

Side view of the bike, note no chain or mufflers, front bevel tower is clean because it has an electric Tach unit, stainless steel fenders, and
polished Boranni rims (well OK they will be polished).

Image 2

Crapped out taillight, seat held in place with Duck tape, pan rusted out beyond use, tossed. Electric Tach also held in place with Duck tape:) Header pipes rusted out beyond use, no crossover pipe. The beauty (the '74 750GT) is in the background.....the beast is the "new" one:)

Image 3

Huge K&N air filter visible on the right side, 3 light dash needs replacing. Non stock tillers from a Notron or something, hard to believe that something even bigger and uglier than the original tillers could be found! Lots more pictures to follow of the disassembly process.


I got down to the garage last night and wrote up a parts list for the GT, it actually isn't all that bad. Of course I haven't sent it to Phil yet to find out how bad it actually is:) I also spent about 3 hours hand sanding the frame. Alot of it is down to bare metal and I should be able to finish sanding it, prime it and paint it today as well. The paint didn't actually look to bad in most places but it sure does come off pretty easy, 28 year old paint. I got some primer that is black so chips won't show. I never could understand why you'd want to use a grey primer on a black frame. I also took the front forks off the front wheel 2 days ago as well, the leading axle polished front forks are going to look so cool when I get them all polished up. I really am excited to get this baby up and running. I keep thinking that the hardest part about the whole deal is going to be fixing the front brake and master cylinder (both are Scarrab) I am really thinking seriously about putting on Brembo calipers and discs and a Brembo master cylinder, and Yep, I'd do it as a dual front disc setup to get more breaking power as well. I am sure that will be the biggest cost right there. I can just see the vultures circling for the Scarrabs.......but I'd keep them I think. I am going to try and fix the Scarrabs, so we will see what happens with them, I will probably try and use them being the cheap guy I am:)


Well I had a fairly productive day working on the "new" GT today. I sanded the frame again and got 3 cans of gloss black and 1 can of clear on it. It's just about done and looks great. Once it's done it will have plenty of time to cure before reassembly. I sanded the side covers again and put another coat of grey primer on them, another sanding and priming and a final prep sanding and they will be ready to paint. The biggie of the day was the work on the tank. I used paint remover on it a couple of times and then washed it down and started wet sanding it. The whole tank is down to bare metal and cleaned with carb cleaner. Tomorrow I will get alot more hand sanding done on it until it is really cleaned up, I don't think I'll go beyond 220 grit on the bare metal. There are a few dings which will require spot putty but should be no big deal. I should have the tank primed with a coat or two by tomorrow evening.

I took the gas cap off and sanded it with 400 and steel wool and polished it. It looks pretty good. It had alot of rust on it after sitting out side for 15 years. I may see if it can be rechromed, if not it will be OK as it is.

I picked up another set of pics of the progress today but they had forgot to make a disc of them....dang, so I had to let them keep them to get a disc made to send to Ed. Sorry about that, it will be a couple of more weeks until there will be more pics.

06/27/00 - Disassembly in Progress

Disassembly in Progress


I got the frame finished painted on the '73 GT today and I took off the right front side case and sanded, steel wooled and polished it and put it back on. Spent about 8 hours fiddling with it. Now when I get the heads back from Jim Koenig I'll set the dots and get ready to put the engine back in the frame. I also have to get the wheels done, respoked and polished and new wheel bearings. Heck I guess it's all down hill from here, it's just a matter of putting it back together now. That is said very tounge in cheek, it is going to be a long down hill trip....but I might still have it up and going in August. Yeah I know everyone will be soooo happy when they don't have to hear about the new GT anymore. But of course then everyone will have to hear about how nice it is to ride :)

07/13/00 - Disassembly Still in Progress


Well I had a pretty good weekend working on the new GT. The shocks are on, rear axle holders, center stand, foot pegs, and the triple tree is all polished installed. I also got the fork legs sanded, steel wooled and polished, ooooh are they pretty. I put them in the triple trees loosely as I have to take them back off to put on the new slider boots that Phil is sending me. I also drained one fork leg, funky stuff there too but not very much fluid, certainly not any 280 ml. It's actually starting to look like a bike. Hopefully I'll be getting the heads from Jim and the boots and cush drive rubber from Phil too. Next is the matter of putting in the new wheel bearings, and relacing and polishing the rims and hubs. The first part of August should see it with the wheels back on and the engine in the frame. I shot a whole nother roll of film too. I also brought the bits that need chroming home to take in as well. Good productive weekend. And next weekend will be spent riding the '74 GT up in Colorado. I am going to come up with another Top Ten Reasons list......this one will be the Top Ten Reasons to Own Two 750GT's. I already have some in mind.

  1. You can always take a look at one to figure out how the parts fit on the
    other (Don't take apart the same bits at the same time)
  2. At least you might have one ridable at any given time
  3. Fun trying to figure out all the little differences between different year models, and some times,
    different weeks batches. (Can make it tough to do the #1. reason)
  4. You can own 2 or 3 GT's for the price of a Sport
  5. You can own 7 or 8 GT's for the price of a Super Sport

Well that's a start, any additions are welcome.

07/29/00 - Assembly Has Started

Well I just took in a bunch of stuff to be plated today, good place and he showed me works in progress, 1st class work. I took in header pipes (2), wire headlight brackets (2), muffler brackets (2), Conti muffler clamps (3), kickstart lever, points cover, rear brake stay, cylinder shaft tubes (2), gas cap, shifter lever (needs to be straightened), and Aprillia headlight ring, also bent out of round and needs repair. Total cost $350. As I have said I am positive that every part will come back looking new or better.

08/27/00 - 11/07/00 - Wheels

Well I am well into redoing the wheels.......what a pain in the ass.....I sanded and polished the front rim today, it was alot of work, and that's an understatement. I started with 220 grit and worked my way down to 400 with steel wool in between. It wasn't all by hand, I used a polishing wheel at the end. I also got the INOX stainless rear fender finished today, I had already sanded and steel wooled it. It looks wonderful, like a mirror. I went down to 600 grit on the fender. The rim was really alot of work, but boy was it worth it :) I have already polished the hub but there is still alot of work to do there, I have to split it and put in new bearings, you can't put in the new spokes unless you take the front hub apart, that is not an easy task, I called Shawn Rogers about that tonight. We will see if I can get the hub taken apart, it isn't going to be easy. Putting in new spokes is not an easy task, I may just end up sending them to Buchann to do the final work on them. At least I will send them the wheels ready to just be assembled. At least the front wheel is gettiing there. The difference between the 2 wheels is amazing, the polished front one looks like new, the rear one looks like crap compared to it.



Well bevel heads I how have the heads to my '73 750GT!!!! The valves were done along time ago.....but the froze in header pipes were a bit more problematic. I got them back and took them into a good race machine shop yesterday. Well they made a holder and used a big breaker bar and got them loose. It cost me $108, but who cares, I'll be able to put the heads on this weekend, line up timing dots and maybe even get the engine into the frame, actually pretty easy to do when no wheels are on the frame. The threads are OK, not great but I still have to clean up alot of corrosion out of all the threads so I think I am in good shape. Yesterday I UPS'd my Borrani rims and hubs to Buchanan's for stainless steel spoking. I may just have the bike back up to a rolling frame here before mid-December!!!! Finally some real progress here. I now have something to do besides Christmas buckles and watch football here over


Well I think that I have finally got the heads to my GT finished. The valves were done ages ago but Jim couldn't get the froze headers out, that was understandable, I had taken a pipe wrench with a huge breaker bar and wasn't able to get it......Anyway I took it into a specialist machine shop here and they made a fixture to hold the heads. By golly they got them to break free. He said that he was ready to give up on the one when it let go. I just got done spending the last two days cleaning up the threads with a scribe.......I really can't adequately describe how much deposits were in the threads...it was like limestone.....threads weren't even visible to start with.... It took time and real patience, chip out some and run in the flange, repeat again...and again. Danged if in the end I got the collet/flange to run in to where it should be. This was not an easy process but I got it done.....I am so tickled....I love rescuing GT's. Now to just get back the wheels from Buchanan and I may have a rolling frame here before the
new year. I am a happy camper.


Some times it's good to be second!!! Today I brought home my newly respoked wheels from Buchanan and the wheels from Ed Hotchkiss's 750GT so I could steal...well actually "borrow" his brake disc, until I get my new one from Phil. They were all down at my Mom's place... Anyway I take off the 4 bolts to the carrier and disc to get Ed's disc......well I'll be damned but the bearing carriers just sort of fall out when I tap out the bolts to get the disc off....I used a punch (and big hammer..of course!!) to try and free mine with no luck. That was the main reason I sent my wheels out to Buchanan, my front hub was pretty much froze in place after 20 years or so outside. There should have been a video camera running when Ed's
front wheel just pretty much came apart by it's self....I had a pretty dumbfounded look on my face (yeah even more than usual:) ) So Ed's GT ends up with good bearings, mine were shot, and now I'll have to respoke and true them as well. That just made his $500 more purchase price vs. mine go away.......sheesh.....some guys have all the luck!!! But then again of course mine has the stainless steel fenders, shock covers, and elcectronic tacho so the the front cylinder is clean....so I am still up on the game:):) Eat your heart out there Ed......mine's still going to be nicer in the end......and of course why wouldn't it be?????? I am doing the restos, I'll be damned if Ed's is going to be nicer than mine (very evil grin here folks, and Ed know's all about this anyways..he's cc'd on this message and I already called him and cursed him on his luck on his wheels!) Some guys have all the luck.....but then again I have the '73 750 GT...... Well time to put another coat of silver paint (spray can...of course) on my front disc....Oh yeah......my '73 will have dual front disc's.......Ed's......one:):) At least for the time being, I have a suspicion he's going to want 2 as well......you reading that there Phil??? Cheers and laters all, I hope everyone is having a Great Christmas...

Well I just got done taking a tooth bush and liguid cleaner to both Ed's and my GT's sprocket carriers........I cleaned both of them up really well, I had already done mine.....damned if Ed's still isn't
better looking than mine!! Does this mean that I am going to switch carriers? No......but is his going to look better than mine? Hell No!.....I'll take some no heat oven cleaner to it......it that doesn't work I'll have it bead blasted......if that doesn't do it.......then I'll "accidently" switch carriers!!!! I try to be as honest as possible on these deals....but only within reason....:):) Again you'll notice I have cc'd Ed......I just like to yank his chain:) Damn I wish I wasn't so honest....


Well I just got home from dinner at Mom's. I went out to the garage and did a little wrenching. The nut that holds the front sprocket in place just came right off with a light tapping with a punch. I had hammered the heck out of it earlier. Maybe the elfs had been at work or else the the penetrant finally did it's job....or else the cold shrunk the parts enough to make a difference. We had 8 inches of snow here in Albuquerque today.....well OK.....only 6 inches....but you know how us guys exaggerate:) Well I figure that I should pull the bottom holders for the bevel towers and polish them up nicely, besides I also figured I should pull the jugs just to inspect the rings and pistons. Well I said it was good for Ed to be second on the wheels.......well it's also good to be 3rd:):) I pulled the front jug and the piston and rings look like new. So I pull the rear jug, the bore looks fine....then I look closer at the piston, the bottom oilscraper ring is free.....but only one end of the middle ring is free and the top is stuck in place....Damn and double damn. But then I remembered!! Geeee Ed's top piston and rings are like new!!! And his front piston is going to have to be oversized so that means I have a "spare" piston......he heh heh. Glad I just didn't drop the heads back on before inspecting the pistons. I actually think by soaking it over night mine will be just fine. Also when I got home tonight I had my T-shirt from Shawn!!!! which was great......but even better than that was the rear turn signal holding wire/bracket that he sent with it!!!!! whoopie, Thanks there Shawn. I had Richo pick one up in Melborne but the holes for mounting it are wider than on the US models, we hadn't even thought of that. So I do have a Euro turn signal mounting wire sitting around new here at home.....any of the Canadian's on the list need it? or did you get US spec tail lights up there as well? So later this week I should have my jugs and heads back on and in place, all the timing dots lined up, the new front sprocket on. Only thing I had forgot was a rear sprocket, but I called Cycle Specialities just before Christmas so I should have it this week. So maybe I'll get the engine and wheels back on it this week. Life is good......and here's one to really knock folks
over with a feather...I am actually going on a date at the end of this week!!!! Yeah that is major deal, I haven't dated in years and years.......about time I get back into it....so to speak....that's the dating game, get yer minds out of the gutter:):)


Well I looked at doing a swap with Ed's top 750GT piston today and it's a total no go!!! Mine's bigger than his.....the piston that is. Dang and double dang....but I got the center ring on my piston freed up and I don't think that the top one will be too bad either. I was wondering if they did different sized pistons and rings and yep they did. The top of the aluminium jug is stamped B on mine, I don't have Ed's handy to see what his is stamped. But on the outside of one of my liners it is marked/stenciled "A"....go figure that. Anyway I pulled a ring off my piston and the end gap was just right....one to Ed's had 4 times as much then I put Ed's piston in my bore and thought...Oh Oh....this sure seems loose...Yep I could put Ed's piston in from the top of the bore, my piston wouldn't even come close to going in. They are definetly different sized pistons. Well it's not going to matter, I just have to get the top ring freed up on mine, and it shouldn't be too big of a deal, it's soaking more right now. I just have got finished doing Stephen Johns Silver buckle...it's the one that is signed....and he wanted the recessed letters painted in red instead of black....it looks pretty neat. At least I did get my new rear turn siganl bracket that I got from Shawn put on today with the signals, and it really looks great. Talked to Ed and he was going whaaah about that but then I told him that I already had another one on the way for his GT for the one I got from Richo, that is now going to Shawn to go with the whole unit which is also coming from Richo....sheesh this parts trading is complicated....but it's a whole lot better than not getting the
parts one needs:):) Well I want to go see if my top ring will come free now.... I just came into work to check messages and yes Richo I have got your messages that you sent here to work....there is definetely something funny with my webtv, but just for some folks...go figure that one. Cheers and laters...


Well I guess I am going to go ahead and do things right, does this mean the civilization of a bevel barbarian? Nah!! I took the piston with the froze ring to a machine shop yesterday for them to take out. And I am having them do a very slight hone on the cylinders, and today I will order a set of rings to go with it. To be fair though the guy at the machine shop said that if the rings aren't wore and the bores are good that there really isn't any reason to put in new rings. And remember on my '74 750GT I just left the bores alone and the original rings on it and it has been just fine, doesn't use oil or anything. I stopped at a bolt shop to get some longer bolts, 110 mm, to hold the dual discs on the front wheels. They didn't have any that were cadium plated, only the black anaodized, so I'll just spray the head with a little silver paint, that satisifies the barbarian in me and should sufficiently horrify the purists:) Oh yes, the new calipers and MC that Darrell Dick are here in town and down at the UPS place so more bits are coming in. It sure is nice to have a week off from work here at the University, if this is what retirement is like I am already ready for it!


OK I have been getting asked, Monica and I had a nice date, first one for me in 12 years. We talked, went and had a nice dinner and talked more, and came back home again and finished watching the video of my Oz/NZ trip. The apartment is clean and the Darmah is still in the living room. Nice lady. Anyway on to the really important stuff! When I pulled the bottom mounts of the bevel towers I noticed that the one to the top cylinder was really crap compared to the one to the front cylinder. I had just figured on polishing them up and putting them back on, being as I had it so far apart already anyways. Well I figured I had a couple of choices.....I could have just taken one off of Ed's 750GT....hell, he'd never know!!!:) But I fugured...nah, that wouldn't be right, besides I'd rather steal his 750 OHC bearing carriers... Oh damn that's right I already told him that his are nicer than mine.....Oh well:) Any way I just took 220 grit sand paper to my crappy casting, 3 strips of it, one of 320, and one of 420, with steel wool inbetween, and a polishing with my trusty Dremel flex head and it looks even better than the one to the front cylinder. Damn, now I'll have to go do up the front one as well, but it will be alot easier to do, I'll just use 320 and 400 grit on it. Tomorrow is my first day back at work, but I am actually looking forward to it.....I know that UPS will be delivering me my Scarrab MC and calipers that I am getting from Darrell Dick and another package from Cycle Specialities with a rear sprocket and some other goodies. I'll also be sending out a check and set of rings to Total Seal for a new set of rings for the GT as well. OK so I didn't get the engine back in it and the wheels on it before the New Year...maybe the end of this month. Good things take time.....and this bike isn't just going to be good.....she's going to be great. Time for bed.


Well the UPS guy showed up at work today with my new Scarrab calipers and MC that I got from Darrell Dick. Looks pretty nice, little scrape on the MC cap.....but no problem....I should be getting mine back from Phil, while the MC was total crap and couldn't be rebuilt I remember that the cap was perfect:) So things are looking up. Also today I will be sending a set of my rings into Total Seal in Phoneix so that they can match and give me just what I need for a new set of rings.


Well when I got into work this morining I had another package waiting for me!!!! My box of goodies from Phil. It had the valves and guides for Ed's GT, I'll have to get his heads done and bores honed out, sheesh, at this rate I'll have his engine done way before I even get a chance to get at his frame. Also the unrebuildable MC, but no drama, at least the cap to it is fine. Phil do I need another splitter to handle the dual front brakes? I think I do, now that I look at it it looks like it will only take one line for a caliper, the other is for the pressure transducer and the 3rd is for the line from the MC. Of course I could just to a Y connection out of the Scarrab splitter, I am going to have to get a set of braided lins made anyways. The rebuilt caliper looks wonderful, so I now have an extra caliper, but that's not a problem, lord knows what shape Ed's caliper is in so were covered there. Also I have the "new" solid front disc...so I guess I can put Ed's back on his bike. The new disc is really nice. Well that the parts report for the morning, I should be getting a package from Cycle Specialities here soon too!


Today is going to be a big day for work on the '73 750GT. After months of getting parts organized I am finally ready to get the engine back together and in the frame and the wheels on it. The pistons and new rings will go back on, yes the rings are gapped correctly. Gaskets O-rings, bevel tower tubes and jugs next. Jugs will be throughly washed with soap and hot water, carb cleaned and oiled before installation. Engine side covers will be taken off, timing dots will be aligned and the heads will be installed. Points will be put in and set. The homemade cardboard degree wheel that Knut Wille and I made for the '74 GT will again be used on the right side of the engine instead of on the left side like they are supposed to be used :) The engine will then be put in the frame. This should be pretty easy as I will be setting the frame down over the engine. Next the front wheel will be put on, I think I have to tip the frame over on it's side to do this, can't remember for sure, it's been 7 years since I did it to the '74. Then I'll center stand the bike and put in the rear tire and put on the fenders. Sounds pretty easy, but I am sure there will be bits that are a PITA. I'll be taking pics and video of everything to document things. I hope it all goes smoothly. Wish me luck.


Well I had a crappy day, walking out this morning to find all the tires on my car slashed pretty much sucked. Only two little bits saved it.

1) I did manage to put the wheels, fenders, pistons, jugs, heads and all what not into the back of Mom's Suburu when I took the Suburu back to Mom's so I have everything there to start the work on my '73 GT.

2) At home tonight I hot soap and watered the jugs to Ed's 750, carb cleaned them and oiled the bores. Several times on that just to make sure. I also checked the end gaps on the rings in the bores....well OK I only checked a couple of them (I only say this to make Ed nervous as hell:) ) they are just fine, original specs. I then oiled up the rings and pistons and put them in the bores. They are snug as can be. I really liked the idea that a piston hadn't moved freely through those jugs in over almost 20 years but they do now. I well remember what I had to do to get that front piston out of the front jug. It was great to be able to be able to push it back up by hand now. With any luck in a couple of months these 2 GT's will both be back together and running. I think I get some of my biggest pleasure from just the idea of getting unloved and abused GT's back up and running:) Time for bed.


I did get down to play with the GT engine last night. I pulled the top jug and piston. I had managed to put a little ding on the con rod bushing when I first reinstalled it. A tiny file on the end and some 400 grit sand paper with oil in the bushing and wrist pin holes in the piston did the trick. Yes I did WD 40 it a bunch to clean everything out really well before reassembly. So on Saturday if my tires to my car aren't slashed again I'll give it another go to see if I can put the heads on and the engine back in the frame and the wheels on it.


I did get the front cylinder head on the '73 750GT this weekend, it was a real pain, the chroming of the bevel drive tubes increased the diameter enough so that it was a real pain. On Ed's I will have them turned down and hard chromed back to original specs. Oh yeah I suppose some sharp eyed person is wondering about the top head... well that is not a pretty story and I am way beyond pissed with my self. I had all the timing dots lined up just right, the half circle at thebase of the tower to connect the tower shaft points to the back on both cylinders, see the tech article on the Victoria Australia Club web site.. .anyway the top head didn't want to drop down, I could have sworn it was all lined up just right. Well, it wasn't... after about 3 tries I was getting a little pissed. Block of wood on the head with a hammer (what else would I use?) still didn't do it. Well, I put the wood down by the front stud hole and wacked it a couple of times. Well it slipped and bink the cooling fin in front of the bevel tower snaped... Ooooooh was I pissed at myself. Worse yet, a little fiddling with the alignment and the head just dropped right on. So I will take the head in and have that little piece of fin welded back on and then next weekend I'll get the engine back in her. I already called RIcho and told him all about it and he said he'd tell on me if I didn't fess up. I always share my mistakes with thebevel list, no matter how stupid they make me look, hopefully others learn. As Monty Python said in the "Frog and Peach" skit when the interviewer asked the innkeeper if he had learned from his mistakes he replied "Yes I have, I am sure that I could repeat them exactly" I have told Ed all along that he is lucky that I am doing my '73 before doing his '74 that I won't repeat screw ups, of course that doesn't mean that I won't come up with completely new one's for his :) I just like to keep him nervous.... There I fessed up to the bevel list....are you happy now Richo?


Well I got the top head on my engine today. I got the fin I busted on it fixed this week...that cost me $83...ouch. And I had to grind the weld seam back down to flush, but it looks good. What follows is a to and not to do list....DO NOT have your beveldrive tower tubes chrome plated....it will increase the diameter of them and you will have a bitch of a time putting the heads back on. They will go, but it will not be an easy thing, I know! Any way I got the top head back on. Then I took off the engine case covers to put the engine back in the frame. DO take off the gaskets too. DO NOT powder coat the frame (I didn't), if I had I would have chipped it, a little gloss black model paint will make the few chips go away:) DO be really sure to keep all the allen head screws to the engine case covers in their exact order....THIS is important, they are all different lenghts and shoulders (no I did not fuck up on this) but they are almost all different, keep track of them closely....if you don't you will regret it. I used the setting the frame on the engine method, easiest way to do it. The upshot of all this is that the engine is back in the frame!!! I am one happy SOB. It only took me a couple of hours. Tomorrow I will put the wheels and fenders back on it. It will then finally look like a bike. Dan....remember that "fat bottomed girls make the rocking world go round"....Sports are only tarted up GT's:) They'll be drooling over my GT at Vegas:) Sports will be a dime a dozen:):):) Can we all say trolling??


I got the wheels and fenders on the '73 750GT today and the header pipes and crossover too. It's actually starting to look like a bike. A fair amount of work was accomplished on it this weekend.


Guido's Revenge: Or the continuing saga of the '73 750 GT restoration.

Well, I went down to put more bits on the GT today. Figured I'd put the rear turn signals/taillight/bracket on first as that would be easy....Boy was I wrong. It's just not that simple. Easy to put on, but then you figure out that you need to have the wire to the stop light there too....and then you figure out that you have to have the whole fricking wiring harness in place to do that....and then you figure out that you have to have the tray in....well actually you figure out that you have to have the harness in after you have the tray in place so the tray comes back out again. Then you figure out how you have to run the wires and have the grommets in place. Then you wonder why the fuse box won't go up to where it goes on your '74.....well it's different. The regulator is behind the fuse box on a 74....it's down on the left side under the side cover on a '73. So the fuse box was just sitting in there loose. I will have to splice in 2-4 inch sections of wire from the rear brake lights to get enough room to put it up where it goes on the '74's....hence Guido's revenge. Guido worked at the Ducati factory in 1973, he was a communist, and he knew that 28 years later I would be restoring his handy work and looking at '74 750 GT's for reference so he made the '73's different! Don't work from the back forward. Put the wiring harness in, then the tray, and then feed the wires to the rear....except for the turn signal wires which have to be fed from the rear forward....and be sure to have your WD-40 handy to lube everything good so you can feed the wires....the 2 little holes that they go into in the fender are almost too small to take the wires, and the rubber grommets....well that's really even more of a pain in the ass! Anyway the rear turn signals and brake light are in place with the wiring....and I got the front sprocket tightened up and loctited in place....and with the thick shoulder to the outside like it's supposed to be. When I looked at the '74 GT's wiring to the stop light I found one wire off, so I put that back on and my brake lights work now, which is good as I am going to take it for a ride tomorrow on a poker run for
a charity. It will be the first ride since Colorado last September.


Guido's Revenge Continues:

Never underestimate Guido....the sob got me again today....too funny. I did take the '74 750 GT out for the poker run today and she ran faultlessly, lots of fun and about 80 miles around Albuquerque. So anyway I get home to Mom's where the bikes are and I figure I'll put in the new brake pads in the Scarrab's and put them on the forks. The pads go in easy, no problems. I go to put the right caliper on, put the screws in first just to make sure they run in with out any problems....top one goes in fine but for some reason the bottom one doesn't seem to want to go. Get a flash light and look and I'll be damned but there are no threads cut into the bottom hole at all!!! Good one there Guido, got me again. Remember this bike only came with one caliper and I am putting dual discs on it. Guido cut the first threads on the right fork and then said to heck with it and didn't do the second hole. I went over and looked at the fork legs to Ed's GT and yep it's got threads cut into both holes on his.....go figure:) This of course means that I am going to have to take the front wheel off so that I have room to tap threads into the fork leg....and I'll probably have to buy a tap as well..... Guido strikes again. At least the left caliper when on nicely....but I'll have to take that off to make things easier when I take the front wheel off. There are 2 types of Veglia speedo drives. My '74 is straight, the one I put on the '73 is angled and the one to Ed's bike is straight, the one's on Darmah's are angled But I am thinking that I switched the speedo drives between Ed's '74 and my '73 accidently. Anyone have any ideas on this ? I will have to look at what kind of instruments the 3 GT's have but I don't know if that makes a difference, I am pretty sure the 2 '74's have Smiths and the '73 I think has Veglias.


Well it was a good day for progress on the GT, she's really starting to look like a bike. First I tapped the threads for the bottom right caliper mounting bolt that Guido "forgot" to do when the bike was made. That was easy and I didn't have to take off the front wheel to do it. Then I put on the RF caliper, also easy. Next I shortened the chain and put that on. Then mounted the brake lever and cable, also easy and the rear brake works great. Then put back on the left header pipe, I had to take it off to put on the side stand. Then I put on the Dunstal Replica pipes and passenger foot pegs. Then I put back on the right rear engine case and shifter peg. Clutch action is good, it shifts and when in gear turning the rear wheel turns the engine over nicely. Also put on the breather assembly. Now all I have left to do is all the electrics, carbs, instruments, headlight, get the tank and side covers painted and fire it up...that's alot of work left to do but I am getting excited about it, it really does look like a bike at this point. No rest for the wicked here, time to get the backs soldered on some more Ducati belt buckles.

05/19/01- Frame and Engine


Well I got a little more done tonight. I was going to get the forks filled with oil and back in but I forgot the new fork boots at home so I'll do that tomorrow. I did get the clutch cable perch polished up and the cable installed. Also polished up the Tomisseli throttle grip and put the throttle cables in the 32mm DelOrto carbs. The rear carb doesn't want to go in place. The reason is that the '73's have a steel plate under the side cover where the voltage regualtor was installed. This is different from the '74's, that plate isn't there. Well the '73 came with Amal carbs and different manifolds. So tomorrow I will have to take the Dremel down and do some grinding on the bottom of the plate to give it enough room to fit the DelOrto. It won't take alot but as it is the manifold won't fit up square. I had know there was a problem there earlier but thought that if I took the manifold off and put it on the carb it would then fit. It does go on that way but it's not square. Oh well no big deal, Ducatis have always been custom bikes. Still progess is being made. And I am still debating about Laguna. I think the GT's might win this one.


OK here is a bonified tech tip. If you are switching your '73 750GT with Amal carbs over to a set of DelOroto's you are 1. going to have to get a new set of carbs, that goes with out saying, but the manifolds are different too. 2. Here's the biggy, once you have your new manifolds and carbs they will NOT just bolt right on.......the front one will, but the rear one won't. There is a difference between the frames of '73 and '74 750GT's. They mounted the voltage regulator on a peice of steel welded underneath the left hand frame tube, it's right behind the left hand side cover. Well the Amals and their manifold fitted there as it was set up. The DelOroto's don't. So if you are going to ditch your crap Amals the first thing you want to do is have someone cut off that stupid peice of 3 by 6 inch peice of metal. Is there another solution? Yes! Take a file to the bottom of that peice of metal, you will have to grind out a section about 3 inches long about a half inch deep starting about an inch from the front. Then your nice new DelOroto's will fit just fine. Abiet tightly. And I did check them as compared to my '74. They do look the same. My point is that DelOroto's will not fit into a '73 750GT frame with the stupid plate that came standard. And yes it took a hell of alot of filing to make it work......have someone with a torch cut it off for you, it will save you alot of grief!!


I mounted the Tommiseli throttle control. Guido got me again. I tightened down the screws and it still didn't hold. So I tried Ed's and it fit just fine, and then tried the new one I got from Phil and it fitted just fine too. I got mine to work by putting in the set screw on the back, again go figure that one. So my carbs and cables are all hooked up, even put on the rubber grip and the bar end mirror. So now I can twist the throttle and pull in the clutch lever on mine and pretend that I am actually riding it. So many little details to attend to. Still it is progress. I am definetly going to have to blow off Laguna. I know where I am with these 2 GT's and how much more time and money it is going to take to get them ready and done for Vegas. I figure it will take a couple more grand in bits and paint to manage it. I really do hate to miss Laguna again this year but I feel that I have my priorities right on this.


I just recieved the seat that I sent up to Rene to be recovered. I am just soooo waaaaay more than happy!!!! It is way beyond beautiful. It is absoutely fantastic. Dang does he do nice work. The only killer is that now I will have to send the seat that I got from Dan Kelo up to you as well so that Ed's GT can have one like mine too. I know he'd never be happy with his once he sees mine. Oh well:):) Thanks a huge bunch there Rene and Sue. The little goodie I sent you should be there any day now. I can't thank you two enough. If you want a GT seat recovered Rene is the guy to talk to, it may take a little time but it is more than worth the wait.


I really didn't get much work done on the GT's this weekend. I did spend about 5 hours at home on truing the Borranni rims to Ed's '74 GT today, they are close but I am still not entirely happy with them. I will play with them some more... I did get down to Mom's where the bikes are at about 9pm. Really no time to do any real work on them. I have been a little frustrated on waitng for parts and what not on the progress of the 2 GT's. I put on the left front turn signal on my '73 and then I set the tank on it, put on the side covers and put the badges on that I got from Phil (hey I had to see that they actually fit... and they do and look great:) ) I put on the instrument cluster on my '73 last night and put the Sport headlight shell on just so I could see how it looks. All the hand controls are back on to along with the bar end mirrors. I still have so many things to do to my '73 750GT I don't even like to think about it...but I was able to sit on it with all the major parts in place so that it looks like a complete bike tonight. Granted the tank and side covers are primer PINK but at least I was able to look at it tonight and really see in my mind what she will end up looking like. I did take pictures...of course:) Restoring a neglected '73 and Ed's neglected '74 are not small projects, they are not for the faint of heart or those with out patientce. Is it worth it?? Yeah...folks will walk right by 916's at Vegas to look at our bevels:):) Especially Ed's GT with the sissy bar on it:):) (This is an inside joke from the bevelheads list) I am going to deliver Ed's gold and black '74 750 GT after extensive restoration to him at Vegas complete with a period sissy bar on it:):) Roundcases are the best......but I am very biased:):) Cheers Tom


I did get Ed'sfront wheel back today and that is back on his bike. Great news is that his heads are almost done too. They required new valve seats and so they were way more involved than originally thought. I don't care, I'll be really happy to get them back. I also took off the tank to my '74 and then dropped the front fork legs and took off the headlight ears so that I can straighten and repaint them. They are only very slighty bent so that will not be hard to do. While I am at it I am going to take off the speedo and get it serviced as well. It has always read about 130 mph once I have it over 60 mph......so I might as well make it work right. Ed's speedo needs a new bezel glass and I might as well get them both done at the same time. It's pretty fun to look at the garage with 3 750 GT's sitting all together in various states of assembly and disassembly.

I also have the wheels back for my '74 with the new tires on it, and new brake pads are on order. I have a long way to go but it is starting to look doable. I have less than 100 days to go but I sure hope I can show up to Vegas with 3 GT's... I am not making any promises. I know my '74 will be fine to go, it's just that the two other GT's are presenting their own unique challenges. I really think that I can do it......but then I am a hopeless optimist. Put me in a room full of horse shit and I'll start digging like crazy as I am sure that there is a pony in there for me somewhere:):) I'll just keep chipping away.

Well I went in to pick up the wheels to my '74 750GT, the Radelli rims on them. They were done. I asked if they'd had any luck with Ed's Borrani rimed front wheel. That sucker hasn't wanted to bead up in one spot on one side for doodly squat. Well we went in the back and it was beaded up right!! Whoopie. Ed's GT will have it's wheels on it this evening!! Now if I can just get his heads back. I'll be able to get his engine back in the frame!


I just got back from taking in the 2 speedos and Tach for repair to Albuquerque Speedometer repair. Nice small shop and he does nice old style work. I showed him Ed's speedo, he put it on his machine right in front of me and ran it up to 60 and 90 mph and said "that works fine, and yes I think I have the trip odometer lever that it needs" He also has the glass for the tacho to Ed's bike. He also put mine on and said "Yep that needs work" Should have them back in a week and at a pretty reasonable cost. Then we bullshited about bikes and ebay. It's nice to deal with places like that, pity they are getting to be so few of them left these days.

09/30/01- Frame and Engine2

11/10/01 - Assembly Continues

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